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Our services

mainly carries out its work based on own in-house resources, but does also cooperate with a number of other experienced parties in case this is appropriate to gather an even wider range of competences for certain missions.
In our work with Energy audits we use certified energy auditors according to the European Energy Efficiency Directive.

Permit applications according to the Environmental Code

  • We prepare the Applications for environmental permits and your notifications, and assist in the necessary discussions with environmental authorities, neighbours etc.
  • We elaborate Environmental Impact Assessments as a basis for, or part of, applications for environmental permits and for planning permissions.

Environmental and Energy Management systems and other Management systems

  • We construct your Environmental and Energy Management Systems according to ISO 14 001 and ISO 50 001, and implement them in close contact with your personnel. We compose the necessary procedures and instructions, coordinating them with Your management systems for Quality (ISO 9 001, IATF 16 949 and others) and for Workers protection (ISO 45 001).
  • We identify and evaluate Your Environmental Aspects, define Your environmental objectives and targets and we carry out the Environmental Review for Your organization.

Environmental audits and other audits

  • We carry out Your internal Environmental Audits, and audits according to other management systems, with an option of linking these activities to the training of in-house internal environmental auditors.

Environmental communication

  • We assist in elaborating the general and strategic Environmental communication. We examine and prepare Your external environmental reporting such as – amongst others – sustainability reports connected to financial accounting, Your GHG-reporting and Your public Environmental Statement reporting according to EMAS.

Energy audits

  • Our energy auditors, certified according to the european energy efficiency directive for large companies, advices You so that Your Energy audits and surveys with subsequent reporting are carried out according to existing regulations.

Polluted sites and due diligence

  • Our experts on the practices of environmental legislation carry out liability investigations related to polluted sites and other polluted areas and we support with Due Diligence-operations within the Environmental field and design complete teams covering a full operation.

Environmental advice and training

  • We support and Educate the company management and other key personnel in the field of environmental management, environmental legislation and general environmental issues. We support You with tailor-made training to suit your organization.

Formal environmental control

  • We design systems for Environmental Self Control and guide You on the annual reporting to environmental authorities on environmental performance.
  • We carry out the Independent periodical investigations examining the practical and technical environmental performance of Your site.